Artur Andrzejuk
What is the Thomism?

Mieczysław Gogacz
Metaphysics of Saint Thomas (the specificity of the main problems)

Dissertations and articles

Paul J. Cornish
A Case against State Sovereignty from the Natural Law Tradition

Anton Adam
Grace in Vincent Granat’s theology in the context of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Michał Zembrzuski
Passive intellect and potential intellect according to St. Thomas Aquinas

Izabella Andrzejuk
The complementarity of wisdom and prudence in human action. Thomas’s Aquinas account

Dorota Zapisek
A place of will in the problem of human action in Thomas’s Aquinas view

Artur Andrzejuk
Specific character of the sphere of affection in Thomas’s Aquinas account

Anna Kazimierczak-Kucharska
Angel natural cognition as a consequence of their ontological structure – Thomas’s Aquinas account

Magdalena Płotka
Practicist concept of philosophical anthropology of Paul of Worczin as a foundation of natural law theory

Andrzej Marek Nowik
Thomistic account of methodology of history of philosophy

Adam Górniak
The concept of transcendentals and the theory of theology by Thomas Aquinas

Edycje / Editions

Paulina Brodzik, Michał Poręcki, Jurata Serafińska, Hanna Szczęśniak, Anna Tustanowska, Magdalena Płotka
The edition of the fragment of the commentary on Paul’s of Worczin Nicomachean Ethics (BJ 741)

Paulus de Worczyn
Quaestiones in libros Ethicae nicomacheae Aristotelis (BJ 741, f. 52v-54r)

Tłumaczenia / Translations

Étienne Gilson
Historical research and the future of scholasticism

Kinga Górka
The issue of devils corporality in De malo (q. 16, a. 1) St. Thomas Aquinas

Tomasz z Akwinu
On Evil (Quaestiones disputatae de malo, q. 16, a. 1)

Michał Zembrzuski
Analysis of the philosophical issues contained in Thomas Aquinas Quaestiones quodlibetales. Is an angel substantially composed of essence and existence?

Tomasz z Akwinu
Quodlibetale (Quaestiones quodlibetales, II, q. 2, a. 1)

Reports and reviews

Michał Zembrzuski
Review: M. Mróz, Tajemnica ludzkiej nieprawości. Aktualność nauki św. Tomasza z Akwinu o złu moralnym i wadach głównych (The Mystery of Human Iniquity. The Topicality of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Teachings on Moral Evil and Capital Vices), Toruń 2010, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK, pp. 627

Dawid Lipski
Thomism at the 9th Polish Congress of Philosophy

Magdalena Płotka, Michał Zembrzuski
Report on the conference “How to do the history of philosophy? How to teach it?”

Izabella Andrzejuk
The report of the ceremony of Professor Mieczyslaw Gogacz award

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