Thomistic Yearbook No. 11 (2022)

ISSN 2300-1976

Andrzej Duda
A letter of condolence from the President of the Republic of Poland

Paweł Grzybowski
Condolence letter from Mayor of Rypin

Ryszard Czekalski
Condolence letter from the Rector of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

Tomasz Duma
Condolences from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Wiesław A. Mering
Love guarantees meeting people after death” (Homily at the funeral Mass of the late Professor Mieczysław Gogacz)

Antoni B. Stępień
Funeral speech

Dissertations and Articles
Izabella Andrzejuk
Mieczysław Gogacz’s anthropological explanation for the existence of angels

Grzegorz Pyszczek
Poetry as a spiritual celebration. On Mieczysław Gogacz’s philosophy of poetry

Magdalena Płotka
Pleasure in ancient philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus

Henryk Majkrzak
Le potenze dell’anima secondo san Tommaso d’Aquino

Michał Zembrzuski
Intellectual Cognition of the Human Soul Separated from the Body (anima separata) and Active and Possible Intellect

Dawid Lipski
Thomas Aquinas’s Arguments in Defense of the Unity of the Substantial Form
in Human Being

Paulina Sulenta
The possibility of self-destruction of the world. The metaphysical considerations of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Quaestiones disputatae de potentia Dei

Izabella Andrzejuk
Faces of temperance. The virtues of modesty in Thomas Aquinas’s arethology

Bartosz Zalewski
Concept of ius gentium in Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas

Artur Andrzejuk
The Problem of affectiones in the Texts of Thomas Aquinas

Magdalena Płotka
Ad altiora vel mirabiliora. Richard of Saint Victor on Admiration and Affection

Marcin W. Bukała
Auctoritates ethicorum by John of Ząbkowice († 1446): the author, the features of the text, the quoted sources (from „translacio arabica” to Aquinas)

Kazimierz Mikucki
The presence of Thomistic philosophy in the polemic of Piotr Semenenko with Andrzej Towiański

Maciej Sobiech
Toward a Thomist Literary Theory

Artur Andrzejuk
Francis von Tessen-Węsierski (1869- 1947) and His Thomistic Theory of Miracle

Natalia Herold
Ontic Structure of Norm in the Thomistic Approach

Wojciech Kilan
Murder as a distinct type of lethal action.
Philosophical and legal analysis in the context of Thomistic ethics

Marian Szymonik
The moral dimension of apostasy. Remarks in the context of classical philosophy

Sprawozdania i recenzje
Natalia Herold
Activities of the Thomistic Scientific Society in the academic year 2021/2022

Michał Zembrzuski
Report from the Thomistic Symposium in Łomża March 9, 2022

Julia Rejewska
Report from the academic conference on Philosophy and Applied Sciences. In memoriam of prof. Maria Janik-Czachor

Jan Krokos
Metaphysics and Theology in the Discussion of Man and Culture

Bruno Sadok
Review. Arystoteles, Analityki pierwsze. Analityki wtóre, edited and translated by Marian A. Wesoły, redakcja naukowa Andrzej Maryniarczyk, Lublin-Roma: Polskie Towarzystwo Tomasza z Akwinu, 2020, pp. 454

Ewa A. Pichola
Dietrich von Hildebrand – Doctor Multifunctionalibus – Another Appearance of the „Doctor of Church of the Twentieth Century”. Review. Łukasz Golec, Idee modernistyczne w filozofii i teologii w świetle pism Dietricha von Hildebranda [Modernist Ideas in Philosophy and Theology from the Perspective of Works of Dietrich von Hildebrand], Lublin 2021, pp 127

Izabella Andrzejuk
Pleasure and Joy. Review: Magdalena Płotka, Tomasz z Akwinu. O przyjemności [Thomas Aquinas on Pleasure], Wydawnictwo Naukowe UKSW, Warszawa 2021, pp. 193

Ewa A. Pichola
Philosophy and Ethics Taught in the High School as a Path to Search for Truth. Review. Zbigniew Zdunowski, Filozofia jest ciekawa, z ćwiczeniami dla lubiących myśleć, [Philosophy is Interesting, with Tasks For Passionates of Thinking], Wydawnictwo von Boroviecky, Radzymin 2021, 368 pages

Carlo Crivelli, Św. Tomasz z Akwinu (1476
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