Thomistic Yearbook No. 7 (2018)

ISSN 2300-1976

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
The Crisis regarding Marriage in the Present Day

On Étienne Gilson thought on the anniversary of his death

Mieczysław Gogacz
Gilson and Philosophy

Richard Fafara
Philosophy and Civilization

Peter Redpath
An American Perspective on the Christian Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas: Midwife to Birth of a New and Improved Global Civilization of Freedom!

Curtis L. Hancock
The Elusiveness of Happiness in the Modern World

Nicolas Moscicki
Gilson – voudrait-il deconstruire la metaphysique?

Michał Zembrzuski
In Defense of Realism. The Metaphysical Thought of Mieczysław Gogacz

Mieczysław Gogacz
Wpływ Étienne’a Gilsona na filozofię w Polsce

Dissertations and articles

Artur Andrzejuk
Existential Properties in the Interpretation of Consequent Thomism

Michał Zembrzuski
Mind-body Problem in the Light of Aquinas’s Conception of Hylomorphism

Marcin W. Bukała
„Seventh: You shall not steal” – Notes on the Medieval „Discovering” of the Market in the Margin of Paulo Prodi’s Book

Artur Andrzejuk
Problem of the Concept of Nature in Thomas Aquinas’s Texts

Magdalena Płotka
From scibile to operabile. Metaphilosophical and Methodological Debate on Practical Character of Artes in 15th Century Cracow

Izabella Andrzejuk
Philosophical Grounds of Mysticism of St. John of the Cross

Magdalena Płotka
Action and Happiness. A Reinterpretation of Thomas Aquinas’s Theory of Happiness in Paul’s of Worczyn Ethical Thought

Krzysztof A. Wojcieszek
The Virtue of Sobriety: Individual or Social?

Ewa Agnieszka Pichola
Ne ite ad Thomam, sed ad von Hildebrand [Do not go to Thomas, go to von Hildebrand]

Jan Pociej
The Metaphysical Consequences of the Concepts of Matter and Motion in Contemporary Physics

Tomasz Pawlikowski
The Classic Approaches to the Problem of Truth in the „Post-World”

Reports and Reviews

Natalia Herold
Scientific Thomistic Society

Izabella Andrzejuk
Report on the Conference „Consequent Thomism” – 18th of November 2017

Michał Zembrzuski
Report on the Thomistic Conference at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw – 28th of February

Michał Zembrzuski
Report on theThomistic Conference in Łomża – 7th of March 2018

Artur Andrzejuk
Report on the conference „Marriage and family.The sources of crisis and ways out”
– 7th of June 2018

Magdalena Płotka
Report on the International Conference „Philosophy and Civilisation – on the Aniversary of Death of Étienne Gilsona and Mieczysław Krąpiec” – 8th of June 2018

Natalia Herold
Behind the Scenes of the Essence and Existence Dispute. Review:Tomasz Sutton, De esse et essentia, Biblioteka Rocznika Tomistycznego,Warszawa 2018

Magdalena Płotka
The World of Emotions and the World of Reason. Review: Justyna Fiołek, Świat uczuć u świętego Tomasza z Akwinu [The World of Emotions in Saint Thomas Aquinas],
Katowice 2017

Bożena Listkowska
On Non Simple Issues in a Simple, Clear and Precise Way. Review: Artur Andrzejuk, Tomasz z Akwinu jako filozof [Thomas Aquinas as a Philosopher],Warszawa 2017

Izabella Andrzejuk
Basics of the Philosophy of Education. Review: Mikołaj Krasnodębski, Antropologia edukacji – wybrane aporie w świetle filozofii klasycznej [Anthropology of Education – Selected Aporias
in the Light of Classical Philosophy], Głogów 2018

Controversy and Discussions

Nicolas Moscicki
Structure of Being in Summa contra Gentiles.An Attempt of Reflection on the Artur Andrzejuk’s Text Struktura bytu w «Summa contra Gentiles» Tomasza z Akwinu, Rocznik Tomistyczny / Thomistic Yearbook N° 6 (2017)

Carlo Crivelli, Św. Tomasz z Akwinu (1476