Thomistic Yearbook No. 5 (2016)

ISSN 2300-1976

Mieczysław Gogacz

Arkady Rzegocki
Professor Wojciech Falkowski – Sarmatian and gentleman

Ignacy Dec
From my meetings with prof. Mieczyslaw Gogacz

Maciej Słęcki
List of publications of Professor Mieczyslaw Gogacz in 2006-2014 as well as additions and amendments to the list of 1998-2001

Mieczysław Gogacz
What is reality?

Artur Andrzejuk
The Conception of Existence According to Mieczyslaw Gogacz. A Contribution to the History of Consequential Thomism’s Formation

Dissertations and articles

Michał Zembrzuski
Truth about intellect. Understanding of possible and agent intellect in the thought of Mieczysław Gogacz

Agnieszka Gondek
Pedagogy of Mieczyslaw Gogacz – a proposal of realistic education in the context of idealistically oriented modern pedagogy

Ewa A. Pichola
Inconsequent Heart of the Phenomenologist in the light of Consequent Heart of the Thomist. Comparison of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s Concept of the Heart to Mieczysław Gogacz’s Speech and Voice of the Heart

Bożena Listkowska
Attitude towards self and the sense of happiness according to Erich Fromm and Mieczyslaw Gogacz. Comparative study

Michał Głowala
Actual Existence and Life. Some Remarks on vivere viventibus est esse

Richard Zan
God as the environment for man. The knowledge of God in account of St. Thomas Aquinas

Artur Andrzejuk
The Problem of Sources of Thomas’ Concept of esse as the Act of Being / Thomas Aquinas on active and contemplative life

Magdalena Płotka
Thomas Aquinas on active and contemplative life

Izabella Andrzejuk
Friendship (amicitia) in Thomas Aquinas` texts

Paulina Biegaj
“The hearts of the saints turned to the law of God.” Biblical – philosophical basis of interpretation of the law of God in the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Grzegorz Hołub
The Potentiality of Embryo and the Concept of Human Soul

Jacek Grzybowski
Can relation that has the weakest kind of being in St. Thomas’ metaphysics constitute a foundation for the real being of a nation?

Anna Mandrela
Critique of the theory of reincarnation in Summa contra Gentiles by St. Thomas Aquinas

Kamil Majcherek
Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham on the purposefulness of the natural world

Dawid Lipski
The problem of the existence and essence in the views of Thomas of Sutton

Tomasz Pawlikowski
The problem of Subsistence in The Logic of Marcin Śmiglecki

Jan Pociej
Piotr Semenenko’s Attempt of Renewing of Classical Philosophy

Maria Boużyk
Jacek Woroniecki on Prayer as a Factor Improving Human Nature

Reports and Reviews

Anna Kazimierczak-Kucharska
Warsaw Thomists on the X Polish Congress of Philosophy – Poznan, 15-19 September 2015

Piotr Roszak
Report of the 5th International Conference „The Virtuous Life. Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtue”, Thomas Institute, Utrecht (Netherlands), 16-19 December 2015

Michał Zembrzuski
The report of the symposium in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas on the anniversary of his death – 9 March 2016

Izabella Andrzejuk
Thomism at the conference “Philosophical aspects of mysticism” – 15 April 2016

Artur Andrzejuk
Phenomenologising Thomism of Antoni B. Stepien. Review: 1) A. B. Stepien, Philosophical Studies and Sketches, ed. A. Gut, vol. 1, Lublin 1999; 2) A. B. Stepien, Philosophical Studies and Sketches, ed. A. Gut, vol. 2, Lublin 2001; 3) A. B. Stepien, Philosophical Studies and Sketches, ed. R. Kryński, Vol. 3, Lublin 2015

Dawid Lipski
Review: Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on “The memory and remembering”, transl. Michał Zembrzuski in Opera philosophorum medii aevii. Textus et studia, vol.13, Warsaw 2012

Artur Andrzejuk
Review: Michał Zembrzuski, From common sense to the memory and recollection. The concept of internal sense in the theory of knowledge of St. Thomas Aquinas, Campidoglio, Warsaw 2015, pp. 324.

Artur Andrzejuk
Un « thomisme gay » du Père Oliva. Review: Adriano Oliva, Amours. L`Église, les divorcés remariés, les couples homosexuels, Paris 2015, pp. 166

Artur Andrzejuk
Review: Arkadiusz Gudaniec, Paradox of selfless love. The study of philosophical anthropology in texts of St. Thomas Aquinas, Lublin 2015

Artur Andrzejuk
Review: Paweł Gondek, Project of autonomous realistic philosophy. Mieczyslaw A. Krąpiec’s and Stanislaw Kaminsky’s theory of being, Lublin 2015, pp. 316

Controversy and Discussions

A few words on consequent Thomism, its history and the major assumptions – Bożena Listkowska is interviewing Professor Mieczyslaw Gogacz

Piotr Moskal
Some remarks on Izabella Andrzejuk’s review of my book Treaty on religion

Izabella Andrzejuk
The response of the remarks of Fr. prof. Piotr Moskal regarding the review of the book: The Treatise on Religion

Note about authors

Carlo Crivelli, Św. Tomasz z Akwinu (1476)